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Teeth Whitening in San Diego

Teeth Whitening San Diego

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Discolored teeth got you down? We are offering Free Teeth Whitening to patients who have PPO insurance (only $49.99 without insurance)

San Diego Teeth Whitening

Same Day Teeth Whitening San Diego

San Diego Teeth Whitening Home kit Available

Teeth become yellowed due to aging or staining. Staining appears due to the patient’s drinking of tea, coffee or red wine, as well as due to smoking.

Our take-home teeth whitening kit, for later application at home, is also supplied to the patient to provide the maximum results. Our professional take-home whitening kit is considered within the industry to be the best, safest and most effective method of whitening teeth. The effects of whitened teeth can typically last about two years before requiring another session, depending on the patient’s habits.

Our office can also administer a home teeth-whitening kit which uses an FDA approved gel (using a less than 6% Hydrogen Peroxide solution). The trays we use are custom-designed to fit the contours of the patient’s mouth. Patients will also be given detailed instructions on how to properly use the home whitening kit, as well as receive ample supplies to achieve the level of whiteness satisfactory to both the dentist and the patient.

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