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Dental Fillings in San Diego

Dental Fillings in San Diego

Have a cavity or need an old silver filling replaced? White fillings are a safe, functional, and natural-looking solution for unsightly and painful cavities. Schedule an appointment for your white fillings with Mesa Dental today!

Modern white fillings typically consist of a combination of resin and nano-particles of glass. At Mesa Dental, this combination is used to replace decayed or aged silver-filled teeth for cosmetic dentistry and functional purposes. Our office administers a perfect combination of aesthetics and expertise across dental disciplines to create white fillings that are both functional and that will look great for years to come. White fillings are basically dental composites – these composites contain a resin-based matrix, resin, and nano-particles of an inorganic filler. White fillings are typically preferred over traditional metal-based fillings by patients of today. The most popular benefit of white fillings among patients is that they match your natural tooth color. White fillings are best used for small to medium-sized cavities. An average white filling can typically last anywhere between three and five years. Large cavities are best treated using porcelain inlay or onlay.
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Porcelain inlays or onlays take at least two visits to complete. The decayed or aged filling is removed, a cast is taken and a temporary filling is then placed. Our expert ceramists then create a custom ceramic inlay or onlay for the patient. The second appointment consists of bonding the ceramic product to the patient’s teeth. Porcelain inlays are strong and durable, and depending on the patient’s oral hygiene habits can typically last between five and ten years.


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