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Teeth Bonding

Teeth Bonding

Have minor chips or small spaces in your smile? Teeth Bonding is an inexpensive solution that can help restore those imperfections in your smile. Schedule an appointment with Mesa Dental today and show off your beautiful smile the same day!

Teeth Bonding is a technique in which our doctors at Mesa Dental use a material similar to enamel and apply it directly to the surface of the teeth. Bonding can be used to restore minor chips in the teeth and close small spaces between them during one singular appointment. The use of the latest dental techniques and materials have revolutionized the procedure of cosmetic bonding at our office. We can now match the natural shade, translucency and texture of the patient’s teeth with great accuracy with the transparent or tooth-colored composite material that is used to bond to the teeth.Bonding can be performed in order to repair decayed, damaged or discolored teeth. It can be used to close gaps between teeth, for aesthetic changes, as an alternative to amalgam fillings or to protect exposed roots of teeth.Teeth Bonding Before & After

If the patient’s teeth are decayed and yellowing, our dentists will select the correct shade for their bonding material. Our dentists may use a mild anesthetic to bond the teeth in question. The tooth is prepared for bonding by having its surface roughened and a layer of conditioner applied. The appropriately-colored resin is then applied and molded into the desired shape. Finally, UV light (or in some cases, a laser) is used to harden the fresh tooth surface. This procedure is completed with by a final shaping and polishing.

Unlike veneers and crowns, bonding is an in-office procedure that typically takes between half an hour and an hour, per tooth, to complete. The techniques used at our office are all enamel-friendly. However, the material used is not as durable as veneers, fillings or crowns. For this reason, our dentists consult with each patient to discuss their specific situation, their expectations before treatment, and which treatment plan would be best for the patient.

Special care is not usually required for bonded teeth. Regular brushing and flossing may be continued as normal. However, if the bonding happens to chip, or the patient feels an abnormal pressure or sensation when biting down, the patient should contact Mesa Dental immediately. These occurrences can normally be corrected with ease.

The materials used when bonding teeth can typically last between three and ten years, depending on the material used and the patient’s oral habits. The bonding has to be retouched or replaced when appropriate, so it is checked by our dentists with each regular visit made by the patient to our San Diego office.